Alien Fight Night

Alien Fight Night
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Nobody likes a punch in the face!

Except for the crowds in New Hope City! Because of the demographics in New Hope City the entertainment entrepreneurs wanted a sporting event that would appeal to everyone, both Basics (Humans) and Aliens, so they chose boxing.

Alien Fight Night is game within a game. Not only is it a fast paced stand-alone boxing game, it's a great diversion for your Urban Renewal Stars. They can supplement their income as a fighter or maybe just be a spectator. It's perfect for generating Encounters like those used in New Hope City, PI.

Alien Fight Night can be played solo or head to head against your friends and inside you'll find:

  • Fourteen building blocks to create your own unique fighter.
  • Eighty three pre-generated opponents, both humans and alien.
  • All the Enhancements from Stims, to Loops, to Physical Enhancements to level the playing field.
  • Rules for wagering on fights.
  • A full color Ring and eight full color counters to represent your fighters.

  • Alien Fight Night, the perfect game within a game!

    Alien Fight Night is a complete stand-alone game.


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