ChainReaction 2015

ChainReaction 2015
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Welcome to the world of THW!

What:A free introduction to the Reaction System used by Two Hour Wargames.
Scale: Man-to-man modern combat. 1 figure equals 1 man.
Your Role: You lead a small group of 1 to 5 figures in a series of man-to-man scenarios.
Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

Chain Reaction 2015 allows you to learn the Reaction System used by THW without spending a dime.

While our counterpart Swordplay is about hand-to-hand combat with sword and shield, Chain Reaction is about modern firearms.

It's an entry level, free look, into THW games, that works well for many periods, from cowboys to modern conflicts.

Chain Reaction gives you a chance to see if you like the Reaction System, before trying one of our period specific games. Think of CR as a preview. The nice thing is it contains the same mechanics, but less detailed and period specific, of our other games.

Chain Reaction is free in PDF form. If you must have the printed copy it is available for $5 plus shipping

CR 2015 - PDF
CR 2015 - PDF
Chain Reaction Supplements
Supplements for use with Chain Reaction.
CR 2015 - Print
CR 2015 - Print