Italy After Normandy

Italy After Normandy
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Product Description

Italy After Normandy is a supplement. You must have NUTS to play.

Take your NUTS games to the next level.

Everyone knows about "those days", but Italy After Normandy is the rest of the story; from Rome through the Trasimeno Line, Gothic Line, and into the Po Valley in April 1945 – 11 months of intense fighting.

As a Private, you arrive with your freshly trained Division in the closing days of Anzio. Using the promotion system in Italy After Normandy, your goal is to earn your rank through battle and keep your sanity through “personal victories”. From Private to Corporal to Sergeant you’ll run your squad. If things work out, you’ll make Lieutenant, run the platoon, and leave your NCO ship behind.

How you get there depends on you. Will you rise in rank over the dead bodies of your friends because of your ineptitude, or will you bring them along in victory, because you led them well?

Inside you’ll find:

  • 11 linked Missions covering the Italian Campaign.

  • Rules for Ambushes, Hiding, and detecting your enemy by sound.

  • The unique “Break-in-the –Action” method of skipping game-time to do non-shooting actions.

  • Optional rules for Support, Mass Surrender and "Personal Victories".

  • Expanded rules for interacting with Civilians and Italian Partisans that provide you with role-playing adventures between your Missions.

  • Things to do while on "Leave in Naples" and ways to increase your abilities.

  • All this and much more...

  • Italy After Normandy was brutal on the Germans, Americans, Brits, and Italians - and for everyone it was like ...

    Fighting in a Museum.

    Italy After Normandy


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