Win or Go Home!

Win or Go Home!
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Product Description

“Gentlemen, Start. Your. ENGINES!”

Win or Go Home! is a racing game that’s probably unlike anything you’ve played before. What makes it different? It’s not the subject matter; there are plenty of racing games out there. It’s not the fact that you can take a driver and improve him (or her) over the course of a career. What makes this game different is that you are constantly involved in the race.

The perfect family and starter race game.

Why? Because unlike other racing games, it's the Pack of cars that moves around the track. Instead of losing interest in the game as the cars string out around the track, you're always within striking distance of the leader during every turn.

Win or Go Home can be played with the counters we've provided or with any die cast models you may already have. Now your kids can use their favorite Hot Wheels to play the game.

Not a kid's game, but easy enough for kids to play.

Inside you'll find:
  • A game that can be played solo, cooperatively, or as a head-to-head competition.
  • A system that lets non-player drivers race against players, and allows the non-player drivers to follow their own strategies while remaining competitive.
  • A campaign system that, with little bookkeeping, allows you to race a full season.
  • Playable with die cast vehicles in any scale, or even cardboard counters if you want.

  • Win or Go Home - Car racing where you're always in the game!


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